Mobile strike Tips – how to get cheap mobile strike gold

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Mobile strike Tips – how to get cheap mobile strike gold

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If you want to defend your base successfully, then you will need the help of the online mobile strike guides.

You can also speed up the time of mission completion by implementing some gold, but you need to cautious here. You have 5 Mobile Strike gold per minute and the last thing you’d want is fork over priceless and precious virtual money when there’s not a minute at hand. Taking a chance for bigger rewards is the key. While pursuing your mission, you’ll find the illuminative Chance button towards the bottom right. It’s costly, but definitely worth a shot for those having some gold to use or burn. Lastly, you shouldn’t ignore requests in Mobile Strike to strengthen your research, wall and accelerate good production.

Very rarely, it is possible to receive little gold rewards by picking right on up the “blue crates” that appear at the bottom left of the town screen. It’s all about whose arsenal is better, and never who has the greatest army. Note resource rewards are slightly higher for food and lower for silver.

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