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Clash Royale Gems Tips to Win More Matches - mobilga

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"Clash Royale," the freemium mash-up between tower defence and collectible card game from Supercell, received a new July update to the game that brought several new features like tournaments, new Cards, Frozen Peak Arena, Legendaries and more. The update for "Clash Royale" was released on July 4.

Once you’ve got your gold successfully traded, you can head over to the Clash Royale Shop and trade that gold for common or rare cards, which can be used to upgrade a card. Alternately, you can also buy an epic card for 2,000 gold. Another option available to you is buying chests, but that can really lead to anything, so it’s not recommended. Instead, buy the specific cards you need, and avoid duplicates. Now you need buy more Clash Royale gems on, the gems can make you upgrade your tower level.

To get the cards you want, without spending on gems, or having to battle it out, form a clan. A clan is a group you join or create with other players, in which you can play friendly battles. By forming a clan, you can request and donate cards with other clan members. Donating a card will also earn you gold. Joining in friendly battles will also help you improve your skills against real players, and in tournaments, and you’d be able to share battle tactics and strategies with your clan members. However, you have to be at least a level 3 player to do this.

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