Mobilga - the Brand Site Only for Cheap Gems

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Mobilga - the Brand Site Only for Cheap Gems

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With our Unofficial Game Guide become an expert player and get unlimited coins! This guide is for anyone looking to play the game like the pros do. Are you frustrated with running out of coins? Or perhaps you are just looking to learn how to enjoy the game more?

Now you can only have one Gem Box at a time and there's be 2-3 weeks before a new one pops out.Mind that by the game logic, Gem Box is one of the obstacles too, so every time the game decides to grow something in your village there's a small chance that it will be a Gem Box if the last Gem Box you got was at least 2 week ago (though max grow is once per week but that rarely happens). While, these gems is just a little for you to play the gamge well. Now you need get in the amazing site -, buy clash of clans gems, you can save your money a lot.

Of the many events and features of Clash of Clans game updates before, the players are very enthusiastic if any new troop were present. And if we talk of new troop, maybe you have a lot to see some fan art and an artificial troop of the Clasher, and this time we have been selecting some troop cool that might be present in the game Clash of Clans.

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